Click one of the links below to see our custom DXF & SVG files for sale.

We also now offer custom DXF and SVG file creation services for other table owners upon request specializing in very real looking traces.

All files are using fine cut consumables and outside offset.

We now have package options including All 2018 files, All 2019 files and our ultimate combination of all 2018 & 2019 files. Over 400 files in total. We also now offer themed bundles for those who have specific needs. All are also avilable on a Thumb drive for an extra cost.

All are listed below. Hover over bundles to see pricing. Click to see all images and information on bundles.

File bundles by theme

Due to size, the 2018 & 2019 combo bundle is not available on Etsy.

We also still offer the pick and choose file pricing on all individual files below where you can make your own bundles.

They are also available on ETSY under jurassicplasma store as individual files or as bundles.

Simple and unique DXF files that will make your money back on the first sale. Click the image above to view $8 files. All files are $8.00 USD each.

Click the images below to see the $16 files. All files are $16 each.

See custom bundle prices below.

Files are named and numbered for easy referral when ordering. Contact us by email with what you would like to order. You can pay for direct orders here with E-Transfer or PayPal to If using Paypal please check the friend box to avoid extra charges.

Here are the price packages offered.

You can mix and match the years on regular prices below.

Price – # of $16 files– Price for # of $8 files

$16 for 1 file ———– $8 for 1 file

$28 for 2 files ———- $14 for 2 files

$48 for 4 files ———- $24 for 4 files

$80 for 8 files ———- $40 for 8 files

$100 for 12 files——- $48 for 12 files.

Please ask for a custom quote if wanting to mix $16 and $8 files in a package deal.